onsdag 2 april 2008

We are the sons of no one

‘What’s the word’ you ask?
You wanna know what the word is?
The word is that I don’t get around
to the musts and obligations of today
Obligations set by the community,
the phony people with a million dollar smile
and an broken home to come home to

I would say I’m much more miserable than them
But actually, it’s them by their naive glances
Realize – this is reality, not just an understatement
There’s nothing overexaggerated about reality
It’s a slap in the face, it’s the hope we knew committing suicide
It’s me and you shattered into pieces
Not being able to put ourselves togeather
The only lines I follow are the ones drawn on a mirror
The only pills I swallow are the ones that make me numb
The only life I will ever live, is one I hate

You say ‘This too shall pass’
But inner suffering is eternal
The only rest I’ll ever get is in a coffin far too expensive to rot in
And if this world is as horrible above ground as I think it isI don’t even want to know what it’s like underground

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