söndag 3 januari 2010

This is the end

some more new pics.
I'm still in Colorado, going back to Chicago on the 4th, my grandmother is dying, and I'm feeling pretty down because of that,
she just suddenly became so much worse, it almost feels like she'd been waiting for us to come and then she finally found peace
and could let go, but I don't know. She doesn't have a lot of time left, and none of us were planning on going to a funeral this trip, but looks like that will happen. I always have a hard time dealing with death, and loss,
I just breakdown completely.
A couple of weeks ago I found this site, you all should check it out, it's really touching, and I could relate to it a lot because of my grandmother. Phillip Toledano made the site, he documented the last days of his father in pictures and text, and it's really beautiful,

3 kommentarer:

K sa...

ledsen att höra om er farmor <3
men som du säger tror jag att hon väntade på er. Hon vill ha er nära, och det är fint. Det är fint att hon funnit frid och känner att det är ok att lämna allt. Men det gör ont att själv bli kvar, fast helt lämnad blir man aldrig riktigt.

Saknar er <33

sandraaa_xo sa...

oh no :(
i'm sending over hugs for this sad time for you.


frida sa...

så himla fina bilder