onsdag 10 juni 2009


model: angie
all photos taken by me.

9 kommentarer:

K sa...

Älskar bild nr 8 & 9, alla är asfina men dom gillar jag mest :)

sandraaa_xo sa...

so so so so so sooooo good :)

tobaccoandleather sa...

i LOVE these!! some of the best pictures on your blog ever. I may post them on mine if that's ok? With a big link to your blog ofcourse.



30 Doradus sa...

lovely! x x

30 Doradus sa...

lovely! x x

ilikeyoursundaypersonalitybetter. sa...

these photos are all beyond amazing! x

naridyard sa...

gorgeous pictures!
photographer and model!

at the first instant glance i thought it was agyness deyn.

Tara sa...

amazing photos!! seriously love them


Anonym sa...

i LOVE this collection of photos, love the lighting. great shots, amazing talent!!

xxx kate