måndag 9 mars 2009

Too bad you're beautiful

pics by: Melanie Pullen

"Melanie Pullen's collection of more than one hundred photographs is comprised of High Fashion Crime Scenes based on vintage crime-scene images she mined from the files of the Los Angeles Police Department, the County Coroner’s Office and other primary sources. Drawn to rich details and compelling stories preserved in the criminal records, she began outfitting the “victims” (her selected models) in current haute couture, and photographing them in her staged settings."
I love all her photos but this is an outtake from her homepage, the one's that I loved the most.
They're all "re-contructed crimescenes" but most of them look stunningly real. Kinda reminded me of Diane Arbus too.
Love the whole concept, such a great and original idea.
Check out the rest of the pics:

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