torsdag 8 januari 2009

What we've got here is failure to communicate, some men you just can't reach

I just saw the most beautiful man tonight. He looked almost just like Frusciante does now (but without the beard, just a little scruff) but reminded me of this picture of him. Anyways, I was on my way home from band practice, hurrying to a bus. I was walking quickly toward him and I saw him walking next to his friend, but then his friend kind of shadowed him, right when I was passing, and I automatically turned and looked to my right and I saw how he moved his head cause his friend was in the way, and our eyes met and we both just stared at eachother, and he had this little suprised expression/smile on his face and it was the cutest thing ever. He looked like he was french, but I might be making that up just because I've always said I want a frenchman.
That moment was the best today, it made me realize how much words just fuck things up. Words are cheap. Instead you can just smile, or make an expression and it is still what makes the biggest impression anyway.
"throw a stranger an unexpected smile,
with big intention."

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