tisdag 6 januari 2009

"It's always the ugly who write the most beautiful songs", she said. But I find no symphony inside of me

Her name was sunset, she wore no eyes.
Her name, in pain, in stone signed.
Crimson, marble, midnight sky.
We once stood as towers with a summer nights shine
But there were answers to questions I just could not find,
Questions burning like bridges,
Like my bridge to you
weighing wings down like ballast
And stinging like the truth
there'll be time In the end to remember this too
a long road lies ahead but only for you.
So remember me fondly and I'll do the same
These memories a treasure buried deep inside my brain.
See I've done this too often, and I've none left to spend
But an empty chests life, is not one to live
I'm not angry, I don't blame you and I hope that you see
That I'll cherish this short time, like the stars above the trees
This life is an ocean and I'm lost at sea
This life is an ocean and it's drowning me.

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