tisdag 20 januari 2009

Desperately in need of some strangers hand

Just a couple of days ago I finished reading Pamela des Barres book "I'm with the band - Confessions of a groupie" And I was stunned by how it changed me; the whole time I was reading it, it made me feel good and made me so happy! It was pretty funny too, I truly enjoyed reading it and recommend it to everyone.
BUT, anyway,
that's not all I wanted to say with this.
The funny thing is that when I finished the book, I felt like I just had to get all my emotions out,
and I got this silly thought that I should email Pamela herself and tell her exactly how I feel,
and strangely enough, I actually did!
Never had a thought in the world that she would get it or ever read it,
so it was mostly for fun.
This is what I wrote to her:
Dear Pamela!
I got the urge to send you an e-mail, even though you might never read it or get it, I just know have to do it! I barely know where to start, I just read your book "I'm with the band" and I just wanna scream with joy, you have opened my eyes to LIFE, happiness & love! I haven't looked forward to life in so long, but now I can truly say that I DO! I must say that you are such an inspiration, and just reading the book, I could feel your radiant and glowing personality and I just couldn't stop reading cause I wanted more and more of it! You are one of a kind, I wish everyone had a bit of you in them, the world would be such a great place! I'm really considering to move to Santa Monica, I've wanted it for a long time, but now I want it even more! (I currently live in Sweden but I'm orginally from New Jersey.) I truly hope I get the chance to meet you one day too, Pamela, it would be such an honor. Oh my heart feels like it's going to explode of joy and excitement just by the thought of living life like you have! I cannot thank you enough for opening up my eyes, Thank you so so much Pamela! Much love, XOXO Emilie
And yesterday I was sitting at my computer, feeling a bit low, listening to The Doors when a box in the right corner of my screen pops up saying "You've got one new email from Pamela Des Barres"
I screamed, I really did! I hurried to click it and it opened the email and with my heart racing and Jim Morrison singing in my ear, I read:
Thank you so much sweetheart!
Your letter made my day!
Much love,
She actually replied! Ah this made my year, by far! I also kinda took it as a sign that exactly when I was listening to The Doors, her email popped into my mailbox, it felt too good to be true. (She had a fling with Jim Morrison) so I kinda laughed at the coincidence.
The whole thing reminded me of a part in the book. When Pamela finds out Marlon Brando lives not that far from her and she becomes quite obsessive with the thought of meeting him and so she starts to send him letters and later she calls him and leaves long messages on his telephone, rabbling about everything happening in her life. And one time while she is leaving a message on his answering machine, while she's rambling she suddenly hears someone pick up the phone and a male voice says "Pamela? Pamela, Don't hang up, please" And it was Brando!
Haha and that's exactly how I felt!
The most unexpected thing,
and it actually happens...

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Eric sa...

Så jävla fint!

sasha sa...

i read "I'm with the band" in the summer and fell in love with it! Your right, it truly is an amazing book the brings a smile to your face! I can't believe pamela replied!?! that is unbelievably amazing and I'm a little jealous haha.... If i could be anyones groupie I think it would be Mr. jimmy page, what a fox!