onsdag 24 december 2008

"It's all happening!"

Just bought myself some Christmas presents on the net! Ihhh, I can't wait till they're in my mailbox so I can read them/watch them. (Even though I've seen the Almost Famous & Factory Girl movie a thousand times.) They're still nice to have, and not just downloaded.
Pre-ordered John Frusciantes new album too, The Empyrean. It's out Jan 20th, so I'll probably get it then. I'm really excited about it, the single "Unreachable" is awesome so I think the record will be too.
Bought Pamela Des Barres autobiography too "I'm with the band - Confessions of a groupie"
I've heard a lot about it and always wanted to read it so, it was time. Besides the whole groupie-thing really intrigues me. I love it. And I also bought Marianne Faithfulls autobiografy!
(Wow everything I bought is kinda groupie-related now that I think of it, haha)

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Factory Girl is a shitty movie, how can you capture a complex story as Edie and Andy's in such a one-dimensional and flat movie? Well, you can't. Edie's personality is just soaked in clichés, it's kinda sad that people mistake her movie-personality for the real deal. She was nothing like that.

Iamlegend sa...

I've read plently of books on edie so I am familliar with the real story.

I never mistook her personality for the one shown in the movie. So don't even judge me like that. The movie isn't the truth on many levels and I know that, but it's a hollywood movie, what do you expect?

But yes, you are right, the lives of edie and andy are far too complex to be portrayed correctly in such a movie but I KNOW too
she was nothing like that, so the movie doesn't color what I already know about edie and her life.