fredag 22 augusti 2008

My friends are so depressed

The mood is low and the noose is high
I'm not angry I just don't want to watch you die
I'm in a black mood, as black as this night
and as black as your eyes
Too much to drink and I want to take the fight
to the streets
'Cause that's what we do
that's what we always do
I thought 'us' was enough for you to fight for
as much as parkinglots, streetlights and cold nights
is what I strive for, live for, die for,
just to see the sun set the next day
One at a time, that's the only way
I drink poison because I care, because I'd die for you
You don't know how much this means
because your problems land om my shoulders too

© Text & Art by me

2 kommentarer:

Anneli sa...

kan man få köpa din tröja? haha

Iamlegend sa...

haha ja faktiskt! jag snodde den av en dj som heter pablo, men efter mycket tjat från andra så gjorde han så man kan köpa en här: