fredag 9 maj 2008

and if i'll stay the course out, I'll stay the night

This is when it begins
the eternal search for my best-friend, my best decline
my sweetest downfall
I've run out of places to hide
My suffering is now on display
on the silverscreen
monitor my every move
I might just give away
(I might just give in)
This aches to the bones
It feels like dying and I thought dying would be pleasant
One last give away, it might aswell be true
The only reason why I'm here is to fill some kind of void
to make it all function
what goes around comes around
I'll meet you again, my friend

1 kommentar:

heller sa...

hur lyckades jag egentligen? du är den bästa vän man kan ha. inte nog med det är du otroligt vacker, fin coh underbar. du betyder allt för mig, glöm inte det.