söndag 13 april 2008

Who I am, or who am I?

you have somthing differnet that you dont see in every women. Its a ... aura of somthing special. Im sorry to get all mushy but there is somthing special, i think its called beautiful. That can get you so far, but dont worry you also have a personality and carisma to match

its wierd cuz i dont think a human being can feel it themselves, i cant cuz i know my history. but its nice to hear that other ppl feel it. can u describe it more? id love to know how ppl interpret me, or what they think makes me nice or whatever. i wish i coulc meet myself as if i was a stranger and see what other ppl see in me

interesting prespective. I understand completly. Im still thinking how the hell i ever got to hook up with you. Ive been with a few models, almost marryed one but they were... models. You more beautiful then all of them. You see you have a individuality, not like an emo kid or a indy kid. But it apears to be you. Im sure you have influences but not copys. You... seem genuine, not messed up you would say WAH, but not in the way thats really bad the fake people out there. There the real messed up people and they will realise it, people call it a mid life crisis. You see, genuine, not hidding and just you. and that comes out when i look at you. things mean somthing to you. You seem to be still finding yourself a little but your almost there. Back to what you can see. You skin is amazing, and really dam cute.innocent yet strong.

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